Neurosurgical cases can be complex and comprise volumes of documents.  No matter the size or depth of the case, a complete review of all materials will be conducted to provide an objective and comprehensive review based on the merits of the case.

Imaging studies can be reviewed as film or, more commonly, as digital images on CD-ROM or DVD.  To expedite the delivery of digital studies, we provide a HIPAA/HITEC-compliant service for uploading studies for review.

Excellent communication and teaching skills, as well as facility with technology, are implicit to our role.

Occasionally, counsel might need to discuss a case prior to litigation, or to just discuss neurosurgical guidelines, neurosurgical approaches, anatomy, technology, or other aspects that could impact a case.  CNSECR provides full consulting services. Counsel will be provided direct phone access to consultant, 24/7.

Deposition and Trial support are integral to our services.  We aim to be flexible to accommodate schedule changes of counsel.